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About nopCommerce

A fully customizable open-source ecommerce platform — nopCommerce is quickly gaining market share for its commitment to technology updates. As of November 2020, estimates over 55,000 websites worldwide are using nopCommerce as their eCommerce solution. First released in 2008 as an open-source solution, nopCommerce was developed by Andrei Mazulnitsyn to address the growing problems of limited business process and flow available in other existing eCommerce platforms.

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With over 250,000 worldwide members in the nopCommerce community, contributions from developers worldwide have skyrocketed growth and helped nopCommerce meet the high security and technology standards of enterprise level eCommerce platforms.


What is open source?

A source code made freely available for possible modification and customized development. nopCommerce is a free open-source platform — transparent in nature and open for input from developers around the world. A public GitHub repository allows for the latest versions of nopCommerce to be accessed in real time — along with following daily development improvements and download patches.

Running on .NET Core, a cross platform solution can be run on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Kept up to date with new releases about every 6-8 months, nopCommerce is currently offering version 4.3 for download and customization with the expected release of 4.4 in February 2021.


Customizable eCommerce platform?

Open source means documented code with up to date technologies built in. The source code is built on a fully customizable pluggable architecture allowing development of functionality that can address any business requirements or processes. No longer are you limited to out of the box eCommerce solutions that cannot address your business pricing structures, attributes, or marketing plans due to a closed platform built for the masses.

All too often we see companies choosing an eCommerce platform because it seems quick to go live — just to find out they cannot achieve all of their business goals. At noptim, we specialize in custom development to address business pricing structures, customizable features, and marketing integrations, as well as including custom theme development to enhance user experience.


nopCommerce Development Services

Laptop, tablet and cellphone with custom theme development ideas on them.Custom Theme Development

Enhances the functionality of nopCommerce to new levels of user interaction with your site. Important to a custom theme is understanding the product, how it is sold, and how it relates to brand development. Each of those play an integral part in understanding how the user will interact with the site — and how you will eventually convert them from visitor to customer to promoter of your brand.


Cell phone with puzzle piece in center, two custom plugin integration icons and a gear.Custom nopCommerce Plugins

Can enhance the current functionalities of nopCommerce while keeping the core architecture intact. Plugins are a great way to integrate third part products into nopCommerce. Often, upgrading a plugin is less expensive than addressing core level architecture issues when third party integrations upgrade or migration to a newer version of nopCommerce is needed.


nopCommerce logonopCommerce Customizations

Can take a mediocre website and turn it into a powerhouse of potential for eCommerce success. At noptim, we know not all businesses are created equal. We also know trying to fit all business processes and flows into a traditional eCommerce box is impossible. With customizable architecture like nopCommerce, you can expect our development services to exceed your expectations. Working with developers from around the world who are nopCommerce certified — noptim knows the right developer for the right project. Simple or complex, you can expect our development to be done right and tested thoroughly — with a US based company standing behind the work.


Arrow over gear representing third-party integration with eCommerce platform.Third-Party Integrations

Have become the norm in eCommerce development. From payment gateways to shipping platforms and marketing integrations to track site analytics — all can be done seamlessly within the nopCommerce architecture while not losing any of the performance built into the platform. Often developed as plugins to simplify the upgrade to newer versions less costly and seamless, you can trust noptim for your integration projects.


Two server stacks with arrows pointing to one from the other to show nopCommerce migration services.nopCommerce Migration

From other eCommerce platforms can be tricky and quite complicated. With customer, product, and order data critical to future business transactions — ensuring the accuracy is a must. Assuming theme and integrations are transferring from your current platform, it is important that all customizations are tested and work properly. Your current SEO rankings should take precedence in any migration process to ensure no ground is lost in a transfer to a new platform. Plus, in moving to a new platform, it is important to make sure there is little or no downtime in transfer.


We know the importance of business continuity. It is always the policy of noptim to know your business before any documents are written for development. You can expect customer-centric managed development from a team that knows nopCommerce — with noptim as your development partner.

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