Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a way to deliver personalized messages to your customers and prospects while on the go. As a channel for marketing your business to appeal to mobile device users, implementing this approach could be an avenue to develop new customers and stay in front of your existing base. With 73% of all phone users carrying smartphones, this valuable resource should not be overlooked.

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A few statistics and ideas on the power of mobile marketing...


Smartphone with graph coming out of it showing increased time on smartphone usage.Time on smartphones

Worldwide it is estimated that the average user spends over 3 hours a day on smartphones with American use hovering around 5.4 hours per day. Based on information from Kommando Tech the demographics and growth of smartphone usage is astounding and delivering mobile optimized messages at timely, location sensitive opportunities has clearly become a viable tactic in the digital marketing world.



Smartphone showing targeted ad of hamburger coming out of phone.Target audience ad delivery

From SMS to mobile search ads and location based targeted audience ads — mobile marketing offers multiple ways to reach your customer.  With an estimated 70% of web traffic happening on mobile devices, Google has stated the importance of building a mobile presence and has continued to improve their assets to offer more opportunities to market mobile. From social media advertising options to Google Ad extensions and more — mobile should not be dismissed.



Responsive design shown on laptop, tablet and smartphone.Website responsive design

Website should have a responsive design in order to compete in the growing mobile world. Equal importance should be placed on creating a site for desktop and mobile devices. Paying for ads that drive traffic to a site that is not mobile responsive is likely to cause users to leave quickly if on a mobile device.



Audience with one user singled out in magnifying glass.Reach your audience

Develop campaigns to reach your audience with your main objective in mind. Be creative while trying to capture the attention of mobile users. Every ad should be created with the intent to get some kind of conversion. A click, a video view, a site visit, or a sale are all forms of conversion and should be tracked and followed up on in order to take full advantage of mobile marketing.



Arrow hitting center of bullseye after focused shot.Stay focused

Don’t give up and stay focused on the prize — marketing can be frustrating and often times what seemed like a great campaign may not work as planned. Learn from failures and move forward to find the right audience or recreate the ad to determine if content was the culprit. Because digital marketing is more cost efficient and easily adaptable as discussed in our Ecommerce Consulting page experimenting with different strategies will help dial in your campaign.


As mobile marketing opportunities continue to increase — noptim will stay focused on the ever-changing digital world. Delivering the best service and creative campaigns that convert is our objective with a client centric focus.

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