Getting Started

To bear fruit — you must first plant a seed. Creating a competitive eCommerce website that converts well requires nothing short of planning, hard work, and a commitment to getting the job done properly in a reasonable time frame.

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There are numerous steps involved, including multiple deliverables needed throughout an eCommerce project required by both parties. Nobody enters into a business arrangement expecting issues — yet without proper documentation on expectations by each party problems may develop. A well written agreement is essential to help protect both parties and will help ensure the development project is handled in a professional manner. A development contract from noptim will address the following items and get your project moving in the right direction, allowing both parties to move forward with confidence.


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Expectations and Deliverables

It is important that any agreement is entered into with clear expectations and a defined list of deliverables including milestones. A complete list of each will be included in our development project agreement such as: wireframes, designs, custom development, images, staging site, content, testing, etc. — each with its own projected completion date. Also included will be the expectations on development progress reviews, signing off on content, and providing feedback in a reasonable timeframe. Every project large or small depends on clear and timely communication to keep it moving forward and achieve the end result.


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Change Orders

Client changes are a normal part of website development. Some are simple adjustments that can be handled without additional cost — but some require additional development or time. When changes are requested that are outside the scope of the original contract a detailed change order will be written as an addendum to the contract detailing any additional cost and payments required. Change orders will need to be signed by both parties.


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Progress Payments

Throughout the term of the agreement as certain deliverables and milestones are completed, noptim will require progress payments. Those payments will be clearly defined in the original contract and any signed change orders. As we are committed to you and completing your project on time — so are we committed to our vendors and employees to make sure they are paid in a timely manner.

Progress payments are typically required at the following stages of development. Planning 50% when contract signed, design completion 20%, development completion 20% and final 10% payment at production launch.


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Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is our policy to require an (NDA) Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA is put in place to protect any confidential or proprietary information supplied during the discovery and development periods. Often the NDA will be initiated during the consulting stage prior to any contracts due to the sensitive information that may be required to estimate an ecommerce project properly.



Our ultimate goal is to create sites that perform well and are competitive in an ever-growing ecommerce world. With that in mind — every noptim site is built with integrity and the expectations that they will continue to progress in the digital marketplace.

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