eCommerce Website Design

Design with credible, easy to navigate content

Avoid creating a site that requires a lot of thought to navigate. We like to place ourselves in the user’s shoes when creating a website wireframe. Make it a priority to get the user as much information as quickly as possible in order to keep them actively navigating the site.

Computer desktop from angle showing multiple design tools and graphics available for eCommerce site development.


Cell phone with organized bulleted content.

Remember users are scanners not readers

Though credible content drives traffic through search, you will rarely find a user that spends time reading every word on a page. Most are impatient and looking for quick answers to the reason they entered the site. Neglect to provide what they need promptly and you stand to lose their attention.


Try the following to reduce page bounce rate.

  • Write quality bulleted content

  • Use images that pique interest

  • Engage users with easy to find content

  • Give them what they came for quickly

  • Avoid making users think too hard

  • Make mobile views as easy to navigate as desktop

  • Site speed is important


Computer laptop with simple design and readable text.

Keep it simple

It is important to remember, forcing a user to sift through hundreds of words to figure out what you’re offering is likely to frustrate any visitor. Remember — less is better. A uniform approach to page design often gives the user a sense of comfort by not needing to figure out how to navigate through each page differently.


Contemporary collaboration icon with three people planning.

Collaborate with your developer

Explain your business thoroughly — the value you bring to the table is essential to the end product. Be prepared to help your developer know who your target customer is and what your product does. Often the design and development of a new website requires knowledge about business processes. Especially as it relates to custom development, the knowledge shared is what will help your site to do exactly what you’re paying for — convert.


Computer screen with eCommerce shopping cart and cursor arrow pointing at it.

Find a platform you’re confident in

There are a lot of eCommerce platforms available. It’s tempting to choose the first one that pops up when you search best eCommerce platforms. They promise a lot of snazzy design templates, fully customizable options, extra features that sound amazing, and little tech skills required. The truth is, you can build a site on these platforms. But is the platform right for your specific needs? This is especially important to consider if your business requires complicated pricing structures or online product customization options. It can be extremely costly to migrate from one platform to another if you need to make a change in the future.

For customizations our recommended eCommerce platforms are nopCommerce or GrandNode— each free open source solutions. Over 60,000 websites worldwide have chosen nopCommerce for its stability and customizable shopping cart built on Microsoft technologies.


noptim is on your team

We are determined to be your partner from early consult to launch. Designing a website to convert is no simple project. Each and every aspect from site logo to connecting application interfaces prior to launch are important factors in website design. Future digital strategies are going to depend on landing pages that convert. Design right and reduce the risk of site restructuring in the future.

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