eCommerce Consulting

In a growing digital world, eCommerce sales grew by 44% in 2020 a jump of nearly $263B. In fact, 21.3% of all retail sales in 2020 were attributed to online spending according to Digital Commerce 360. Many companies have invested thousands of dollars developing online stores — just to find out that creating a fancy site does not inherently drive business. Businesses continuing to pursue sales growth via historical marketing practices often find those methods obsolete in an increasingly online marketplace. To hit targeted growth — eCommerce sites often require planned digital strategies to catapult a business to succeed in a world of growing online shopping habits.

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It is estimated nearly 69% of Americans have shopped online — while 25% are regular shoppers purchasing products at least once a month, with expected online purchasing to increase rapidly over the next several years.

Is your company prepared to make objective decisions related to future digital marketing strategies?


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What is an eCommerce consultant?

Though an eCommerce consultant can help with many junctures of entering the digital marketplace — the two most commonly discussed are new site builds and digital marketing trends.

Creating a profitable new site is a not as simple as choosing an easy to use, cookie cutter web platform. Profitable sites are first built on trust — trusting a developer that understands your business and works directly with you to create a plan to move that business into the digital world. Beyond understanding business goals, the plan to develop an online presence requires thorough competitor analysis, keyword research, the ability to do customizations required to meet internal business processes while understanding online shopping trends, and keeping in mind long-term marketing budgets for scalable results.

Many businesses find themselves with high ad spends and little return on investment. Google, Bing, and Facebook (to name a few) are very powerful tools and need consistent monitoring to make sure valuable dollars are not wasted. A consultant who understands search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEO/SEM) is important to the success of any online presence. Your store may be beautiful to the user but need adjustments to content or structure to help it rank well organically and convert visitors to sales whether acquired via paid, organic, or social traffic.


Comparing Digital and Traditional marketing methods.

Digital Marketing

  • Maximum reach
  • Adaptable
  • Instant delivery
  • Real time measurable results
  • Cost efficient
  • Targetable demographics
  • Easy to measure


Traditional Marketing

  • Limited reach
  • Non-adaptable
  • Delayed delivery
  • limited measurable results
  • Often expensive
  • Limited targetable demographics
  • Difficult to measure


How can noptim progress your eCommerce strategies?

To begin with — we care! Our priority is to see that every site we create, optimize, and strategically market has an opportunity to compete at a world class level. We offer an opportunity to work with a small company that is ethical and honest — and truly wants to get to know you, your business, and your online business goals. The digital world is an ever-changing sea of information that can be difficult to navigate for any business owner and your success is our success.

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