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Daily progress should be at the forefront of every eCommerce business model. The idea that you can build it and they will come is not logical — concidering eCommerce growth is expected at nearly 40% in 2020, and more and more companies are committing to the new norm of digital strategy marketing. 

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At noptim — our intention is to leverage current technologies via creative thinking and data analysis for growth minded forward thinking companies. Though we are confident the eCommerce sites we create are positioned to progress, ongoing marketing strategies should be integrated to take full advantage of the platform developed.


Here are some creative ideas to progress your brand with digital marketing services by noptim.


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Develop a digital strategy

Having a plan to move forward after launch that is agile enough to dial in your audience is what makes digital strategies into winners for many companies. From casting a wide net to attract a visitor to moving them through the funnel into conversion and promoting your brand — each process has its own unique challenges to integrate and automate.


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If your eCommerce site was created by noptim — the content and site structure will already be positioned to rank well organically via weekly monitoring with minor adjustments per recommendations by Google. In addition to making recommended changes — adding well written brand authoritative content to increase organic search should be implemented into a digital strategy plan.

Paid search engine marketing for most eCommerce stores can drive significant traffic to a site — however, driving the right traffic should be the primary goal. Keyword research along with well written ads placed in front of the right audience takes skill, hard work, and regular monitoring to avoid wasting ad spends.


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Email Marketing

With nearly 3.9 billion daily email users, email marketing can be a great way to stay in front of existing and develop new customers. Email campaigns should be creative and engaging to encourage regular views and reduce unsubscribe requests.



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Social Marketing

The power of social has had significant impact on progressing countless brands. Collecting information ethically and delivering well-crafted content to marketable audiences is an ongoing learning process with frequently changing best practices. Striving to be at the forefront of social — noptim is always learning new insights to help companies progress.


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Mobile Marketing

Simply put, your customers are most likely on the go. Mobile offers a channel for marketing your business to appeal to mobile users. Not right for all brands — a well-crafted mobile marketing plan should offer opt out opportunities and track data from those engaged.


As you can see, integrating and building a well thought out eCommerce website is a process that takes skill, patience, and a dedicated commitment of time. Regular monitoring of data and a detailed plan to be efficient with client budgets is important to success. noptim is committed to your progress — treating each business as if it were our own in an effort to maximize marketing budgets and unleash the power of eCommerce.

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