Custom Theme Development

nopCommerce and GrandNode Theme Customization

Not all businesses are created equal and your website is a reflection of who you are as a company. There are many options for off the shelf nopCommerce themes that may work for your company — but often we find businesses have specific needs that cannot be met using default nopCommerce or GrandNode. There are several factors that should be considered when deciding if a custom theme makes sense for your project.


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Cost to develop custom theme

Cost should always be a consideration in eCommerce development. Our goal at noptim is to create sites that will return our clients’ investment as quickly as possible. With that in mind, our main priority is to create a platform that is user friendly and drives conversion rapidly. The value of early consultation should not be overlooked — with budget and long-term business goals in mind.



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Will a custom theme enhance your brand?

Brand identity in a sea of eCommerce websites may have immeasurable value and contribute to a memorable shopping experience for your visitors. From custom colors to images, content, and logo placement — a custom theme can make a great impact on your ability to capture an audience.

Business processes may also require custom theme development in order to capture necessary information to produce orders. Developing custom product page templates to reduce scrolling and make the order process flow smoothly may enhance conversion rates, thus increasing brand loyalty and filling carts.


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Responsive Design

eCommerce sites should be easily navigable from any device with extra importance placed on mobile applications. With an estimated 70% of web traffic happening on mobile devices, neglecting responsive mobile design may reduce your reach. Offering a platform that can be navigated with minimal scrolling on all devices from desktop to smartphone requires a developer that understands adaptive design as well as cross browser compatibilities.


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Theme Integration

Always on the cutting edge of design, functionality, and client satisfaction — noptim is ready to unleash the power of any custom nopCommerce or GrandNode theme. If you have an idea that will enhance shopper experience, we are interested in making it happen as quickly and economically as possible.

Turn your concept into a custom theme by providing your ideas via sketch or photoshop file. Our pool of developers is skilled in jQuery and HTML5/CSS3 and can make your concept come to life as well as integrate with custom features not available in default nopCommerce or GrandNode versions.


Open-source eCommerce Platforms

With powerful enterprise level backend shopping carts — nopCommerce and GrandNode are fully customizable. The power to go custom is within your reach at noptim...

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