Content Writing

Content writing reflects the personality of your website, the impact of exceptional unique content cannot be overstated. Content is more than king as many have stated — it is the ace in the hole that ups your hand from a mediocre to an outstanding site. With growing shopper impatience, great content combined with compelling site imagery can capture visitor attention to provide that little edge that keeps them engaged and potentially convert them from visitor to buyer to brand promoter.

Old typewriter with text written — Great content requires hard work and creativity.

Some suggestions on creative content writing


Be creative lightbulb.Be creative

Do not plagiarize another site or competitor’s content. Stand out from your competition by not copying vendor content or creating the same look as your competitor. Your site should be designed with unique, well written content that immediately captures user attention with headlines and images that give your visitors what they came for quickly.



Keyword research tool on tablet showing metrics...Do keyword research

Content is primarily written for end user engagement — so every word should be well crafted in order to capture attention and strive to be keyword rich without sounding spammy for organic search benefit. Though most agencies use tools to do keyword research like SEMrush, you can sign up for limited free trials on many sites or use Google Ads keyword planner.



Audience of people with on singled out through magnifying glass.Know your audience

Before beginning, take the time to know who you’re writing to — and why they would be coming to your page. Placing yourself in the visitor’s shoes will help create a page outline that can be used to bullet and expand information for a site that’s easy to scan and navigate. As mentioned on our Creative Website Design page — well written, relevant, keyword rich, bulleted content enhances the user experience from every angle.



Computer monitor with metrics on left and dandelion weed on right.Get into the weeds

Making sure every aspect of the page is well written. For instance, a product page requires more than a great image and price — shoppers across the internet can find similar pages all day long. Make your pages unique from product name, all the way through the product description, and even into specifications. Remember that every detail counts and may make a difference to long term brand loyalty.



Meta information shown on page source image of desktop view.Pay attention to meta title and description

As mentioned on our SEO/SEM Services page — because expecting a search engine like Google to serve a page that does not deliver users what they came for may increase page bounce. Delivering what your page promises quickly in an easy to navigate manner will increase the likelihood of a visitor reading more and potentially visiting other pages.



Man at computer working hard to collect information for content writing project.Don't be lazy

Writing great content is hard work. Take time to completely understand what you’re writing by reading vendor information, brainstorming ideas with staff and imagining how the user will interact with the content.



At noptim we take pride in our content writing services. With every finely crafted word we expect to engage the user at a higher level of site interaction. From homepage to checkout — content writing counts and should developed into every aspect of your ecommerce project. From site to marketing content — take your writing to next the level and progress your business goals.

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